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Anger Issues Psychotherapy

We all get angry. It’s a normal, healthy response to any physical or psychological threat. Expressing anger appropriately can be useful. It can keep us safe, address injustice, and establish boundaries. But unhealthy expressions of anger like name calling, yelling, rage or violence cloud our judgment and hurt our relationships with family, friends and colleagues. When you can’t control your anger and it is affecting people around you, then you may consider psychotherapy.

Anger is often a mask for deep feelings like hurt, fear, shame and grief. In psychotherapy, we will explore these underlying feelings, understand where they come from, and develop tools to calm yourself and express your anger in healthy ways.

First we will explore what makes you angry and how you experience anger. This involves uncovering your triggers of anger, and your physical, behavioural and emotional reactions.

Then you will learn how to recognise the early warning signs of anger like becoming impatient or feeling your muscles tense up and what to do with them before your anger erupts.

You will also learn how to cope with anger through better understanding of your triggers, thoughts and reactions, adjusting your self-talk, using relaxation strategies and coping with provocation.

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