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Depression Psychotherapy
Porpoise Bay

We all feel sad or down from time-to-time as life can be unpredictable and stressful. However if you are experiencing persistent feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, or despair then you may want to seek help.

In its most severe forms depression can stop people from eating, washing, sleeping, or getting out of bed. Others may carry on as normal, but go about their life with a certain sense of detachment, disinterest, or depleted energy and motivation.

At times depression comes on suddenly, bringing a marked change from a person's previous life and outlook. Other times it builds gradually, growing steadily more intense over time. It can linger for many years in a mild form, coming and going and fluctuating in intensity, but never too far away.

In psychotherapy, you will find a place where you feel supported and safe enough to explore your feelings, understand where they came from, how they are triggered and most importantly come to know that you do not have to face these debilitating feelings on your own. Psychotherapy also helps you to rebuild areas of your life that may have suffered as a result of depression, such as your relationships, social life, family, and career.

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