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Excessive Worrying Psychotherapy
Pender Island

A certain amount of worry is normal and useful. If we worry about a possible future event it can help us to prepare for it. However, you may find that you are spending a great deal of time worrying without ever really resolving the issues you are worrying about. If you keep trying hard to stop your worrying and you find that it keeps recurring, then you may want to seek help.

You may be worrying about issues like:

   Work or school




   Minor matters such as punctuality

   Safety, including terrorism, car accidents, plane crashes, etc.

These worries typically involve persistent "what if?" thoughts, such as:

   What if my spouse leaves me?

   What if I get fired?

   What if I get a fatal disease?

   What if my children have an accident?

   What if I can't pay my portgage?

You may try to deal with your worries by always seeking reassurance from friends, by trying to do things perfectly or by procrastinating, but these efforts probably don't help much. Instead you may be experiencing ongoing feelings of tension, irritability and fatigue or the inability to sleep or concentrate.

In psychotherapy, we can explore your thoughts together and reduce the time you spend worrying so that you can live a more productive and less stressful life.

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