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Loss and Grief
Malaekahane Bay

Grief after the death of someone you love is one of the most difficult experiences you can go through. There are so many intense emotions that emerge like sadness, despair, relief, anger, shame, guilt, shock and numbness and yet, those who are grieving may feel pressure to ‘move on’ with life.

Feelings of guilt and regret and the questions of ‘why’ and ‘if only’ are for many the most painful and on-going parts of grief and so hard to get past. Fears of living without that person in your life can sometimes feel paralyzing. Moving forward is not easy and difficult to do on your own.

Psychotherapy can help when

  • When thoughts and feelings of grief are overwhelming and interfering with your ability to function from day-to-day.
  • Difficult and intrusive memories of the death or dying are difficult to bear.
  • Family conflict exacerbates feelings of grief and makes it harder to cope.
  • Thoughts and memories of past losses emerge and bring up emotions that have been supressed.

Grief affects people in different ways. The kind of support you can get from friends and family may be limited if they are grieving too. You may find that you have to also have to make adjustments to your life at a time when you feel least able to do so. If you need to continue on in your responsibilities at work or in your role as a parent or spouse, therapy may provide you with time and space for your own need to grieve & receive support.

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