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Stress and Anxiety

We all suffer from some level of stress as life events are unpredictable and the demands of our daily lives often feel overwhelming. Sometimes there is simply not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done and that causes strain on relationships and personal well-being.

If you are feeling stressed, therapy can help you find ways to manage the things in your life that make you feel overwhelmed. If you are faced with more than you can handle and you can’t make external changes, then therapy can help you with the way you handle your stress internally.

It is normal to be nervous or stressed about important events, deadlines or life changes. However, if you worry excessively, you find yourself ruminating with the same thoughts over and over, and actually experience physical symptoms from these thoughts, then you are probably suffering from anxiety.

“Does she not like me? Did I offend him? Oh no – I’m going to be late! How am I going to find parking? What if something goes wrong? What if I embarrass myself? I need air and water because my mouth is so dry! Why hasn’t he replied to my text – is he upset at me? My heart is beating so hard – am I going to have a heart attack? Everyone is looking at me. Can they tell I’m nervous? My friend is late – I hope she hasn’t had a car accident! What if I get fired! Everyone is going to laugh at me. I know it’s not going to really happen but I can’t stop worrying about it. What’s wrong with me? Will it EVER end?”

Anxiety occurs when these kinds of thoughts bring on physical symptoms like:

Yellow BulletSpacerFeelings of panic and fear

Yellow BulletSpacerIrritability and impatience

Yellow BulletSpacerErratic sleeping patterns

Yellow BulletSpacerInability to talk or find words

Yellow BulletSpacerDifficulty concentrating

Yellow BulletSpacerCold or sweaty hands

Yellow BulletSpacerVomiting or nausea

Yellow BulletSpacerMuscle tension

Yellow BulletSpacerShortness of breath

Yellow BulletSpacerIncreased heart palpitations

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